The Honest Tooth — Tooth Cleaning Powder
The Honest Tooth — Tooth Cleaning Powder
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Is baking soda safe to use on my teeth? Will it harm my enamel?

Baking soda will not harm your teeth, in fact, it is great for teeth! Baking soda is a common ingredient in toothpaste and is a safe and effective ingredient for the use of plaque removal and mouth alkalization. It is an alkaline mineral that will neutralize enamel-eroding acids in the mouth.

In science, we use the Mohs Hardness Scale to rank the hardness of minerals, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. In order to scratch a surface you need to use a harder mineral. So with tooth enamel coming in at a 5 and baking soda crystals ranking at a 2.5, baking soda will gently polish and clean your teeth without eroding tooth enamel.

After brushing for a few seconds, I can't feel the baking soda granules anymore. Do I need more powder?

Nope. Even if it feels like your brushing is unproductive, the baking soda is still working its cleaning magic (whether you can feel it or not). A sign that you need more powder is if your teeth don't feel clean after brushing.

Do I use this in addition to toothpaste or is this an alternative?

The Honest Tooth powder is an alternative to toothpaste and will clean your teeth safely and effectively!

How do I keep the powder on my brush?

Wet your toothbrush and dip it in the powder. The powder easily sticks to a wet toothbrush so you can bring it to your mouth without it falling off.

How much do I use?

Typically people use enough powder to cover the top of their toothbrushes. You can use as much as you feel gets your teeth nice and clean.

Does this product foam up?

No. The Honest Tooth is free of SLS, an ingredient that causes other oral hygiene products to foam up, and can cause irritation in sensitive gums and teeth. Fortunately though it's the combination of ingredients and the act of brushing that get your teeth clean, not the foam.

Will putting my toothbrush into the powder contaminate it?

No, The Honest Tooth is made with antimicrobial ingredients that will not allow bacteria to grow. On top of this, bacteria require water to grow and survive. The powder absorbs water and will dehydrate and destroy any bacteria in it.

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This has to be the best tooth powder I have ever used. My teeth feel so clean and smooth. My dentist was impressed with the health of my gums and teeth. I love this and all your products.


I LOVE the tooth powder. It feels so much more effective than anything I've ever used, I can't imagine life without it now. Thanks for such an amazing product!


I bought a sample size to try it out because the last tooth powder I tried was clay-based and gross. But this stuff is awesome so I'm back for a full-sized container!


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We're small, all-American, and totally stand behind our products and service. Not to mention our line of products just work better.

Ours is a pharmacological approach to natural products. This means we combine the power of nature with the knowledge of science. All of our ingredients are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Supported by research (not trends or hype)
  • Expertly paired for optimal results
  • In proper concentrations for maximum benefit

All of our products are custom formulated by a biochemist and nutritional scientist, and free from nasty chemicals, animal products, animal testing, common allergens, yeast, GMOs, artificial anything, and BS*.

*We nixed the bulls*** of natural products in favor of Bachelor of Science degrees.

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In 2011 the dental hygienist told me that I was developing gingivitis and said to use a water pick that alkalized the water.

I thought to myself: "How exactly does it do that? Does it put alkaline minerals in the water? Why don't I just use baking soda to alkalize my mouth?”

I began by brushing my teeth with baking soda and then added some essential oils to it. After a few months, I went back to the hygienist and he was amazed that my gingivitis was nearly resolved!

I didn’t think my product was anything special as far as oral hygiene products go, but after my wife started using it and commented how it made her teeth feel cleaner than regular toothpaste, I looked into it. That’s when I learned that most tooth powders are clay-based (and they can clog your pipes) and most toothpastes have toxic or tooth-coating ingredients. I got to work adding a few other ingredients to the product such as xylitol and monolaurin to make it better, and had others try it. They all reported similar things—their teeth looked whiter, their teeth felt cleaner, and their dental hygienists were blown away at how little plaque they had to remove. That’s when I knew I was on to something special, and so The Honest Tooth was born!

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