Want to know what goes on behind the scenes? You're in luck! Here's a little sneak peak into our process!

step one


The first step in making great products is understanding the needs in the market. What problems have no solution yet? What products are currently available? Where do they fall short? When we identify the gaps we know what problem we're trying to solve and how we can make our product more effective, easier to use, or just all-around better.

step two


Sometimes we have an initial idea of what the perfect formula looks like, but we always turn to credible sources to get ideas for new ingredients, unique combinations, safety information, and the latest discoveries. We search reliable, peer-reviewed scientific journals and look for current, robust, and unbiased studies. When necessary we even consult with other professionals to get specific feedback to ensure our products are safe and effective.

step three


Did you know that vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron? Many compounds work better, are enhanced, or even work in an unexpected way when combined with other compounds, and understanding these reactions requires a robust chemistry background. Our ingredients are expertly paired in a way that helps them all work better together. Instead of combining any ingredients with research behind them, we understand how compounds effect each other and we design products intentionally and precisely. Every ingredient we use must earn its keep.

step four


Ever heard the saying “The dose makes the poison”? We're not dealing with deadly toxins here, but the saying just means a substance will only work as intended if you take the right dose. Using research to guide us (and then testing our products to ensure we got it right), we've learned that range of effectiveness and where the bounds of safety are. We're able to effectively formulate our products with proper concentrations of nutrients, while ensuring safety and minimizing side effects.

step five


If you burned your hand what would be the fastest and most effective way to cool the burn? Drinking some cold water or plunging your hand in a bucket of ice water? Probably the latter.

Drinking a cold beverage may make you feel cold, but a systemic approach like this one means the relief comes slower because the substance you take must first be processed and distributed throughout your entire body. It also means any relief you feel will be less since the relief goes where it's needed—as well as everywhere else it's not needed.

Taking a direct or localized approach, like putting a burn in ice water, results in faster and more concentrated relief right where you need it. It also means you get better results by using less of the remedy.

We use this same principle in our product creation. You'll notice Evexia Science products get quick and noticeable results because we formulate them to have the best mode of delivery.

step six


Last, but not least, once we have the research, the ingredients, the dosing, and the delivery perfected we need to actually try the product to see how it performs in the real world. We ensure it works well, is palatable, and doesn't cause any undesirable side effects. We'll use it ourselves first, but when we think a new product is just about right, we sometimes ask our customers to be product testers (which is one of the many perks of joining our email list).