Our products aren't like anyone else's and neither are we!

we do things better


We're a small, totally American, family-run business; we do what we love, and we do things better. We speak directly with our customers, know many of them by name, and listen to their wants and needs. We're not beholden to trends, shareholders, big pharma, or MLM consultants, so we have total freedom to create great products on our own schedule with completely unique formulas.

our slogan + promise


That's our slogan and our promise to you. We think the best solutions are found at the intersection of science and nature. Nature is pretty powerful and has a lot to offer, so we work with her. Science gives us many tools and provides a framework of established knowledge to work within. We take inspiration and ingredients from nature, combined with our understanding of pharmacology to determine which natural compounds work best, in what combinations, at what doses, and in what mode of delivery. This is what we call "a pharmacological approach to natural ingredients."

diy done right

Custom designed products by a real scientist.

No white or private label here! All of our products are 100% custom formulations by a real scientist. Evexia Science was founded (and is run) by a scientist with Bachelor of Science degrees in both chemistry and nutritional science, pharmacological training, and years of natural product formulation experience. That's why every product we release is totally legit.

our power comes from nature

100% natural ingredients that really work.

We use ingredients that are 100% natural and backed by solid research from peer-reviewed scientific journals for both safety and effectiveness. We don’t use ingredients that are hype-based, trendy, or traditionally used—unless they actually work.

we make feel-good formulas


Finding products that work is hard enough. To make the decision easier for you, we ensure our products are not only super effective, but also clean, pure, and feel-good. All of our products are free of:

  • Nasty chemicals
  • Animal products and animal testing
  • Top-8 allergens
  • Yeast
  • GMOs
  • Artificial anything
  • BS*

*We nixed the bulls*** of natural products in favor of Bachelor of Science degrees.